Your Greek Encounter with Brunette Escorts in Amsterdam
Finding a hot Amsterdam brunette escort who offers “Greek” services (anal sexual encounter) is not uncommon. You might have to pay a little bit more but this type of experience is definitely up the list of a hobbyist’s dream encounter. But even if you already know from Holland escort services that your companion offers Greek services, there are certain things you need to know before the actual encounter.
Take It Slow, Real Slow
First things first: it’s never like a porn movie. Don’t think that you can just barge in there and push her to do anal. It’s a very painful encounter especially when your companion for the night has not prepared enough. You've got to test the waters first. If she responds in an erotic manner, you could slowly introduce or suggest that you do your desired penetration.
Lubricants play a very important role when it comes to anal. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce any natural lubricants that ensures she enjoys the penetration. You can use your saliva as a lubricant or purchase a lubricant specifically used for sexual encounter. Don’t ever use Vasiline because it will cause some serious complications later.
The Advantage of the Anal Position

The best reason why hot companions love to offer this type of service is simply pleasure.  Even men with small penises would feel big when doing anal. It’s also a highly accessible place of pleasure where you could actually use a wide variety of positions. Just make sure your escort is comfortable with it and also enjoys some pleasure along the way.