The Male Orgasm vs. The Female Orgasm
Most female escorts in Amsterdam are fully capable of achieving orgasms, but don't get yourself bent out of shape if she is unable to cum for you, especially during your first meeting. Women need to feel safe and relaxed before they are able to climax, and when an escort meets you for the first time, she will often be anything but. She doesn't know you, you don't know her, and for all she knows you could be an axe murderer. The escort business can be dangerous for providers so when meeting clients for the first time they will be on edge. Once a client is able to show he is not a threat, she will begin to relax and this is the first step towards her achieving orgasm.
Most women are able to orgasm during vaginal intercourse, but it takes practice and time. A hobbyist may need to hire the same provider multiple times before she becomes relaxed and trusting enough to orgasm. He will also need to be patient, as women take longer to orgasm than men. Foreplay is important for women, and men who give it to them for 20 to 30 minutes have a better chance of making them orgasm. It is also important to remember that women are different. Some women like their hair pulled, others like to be spanked, while some like their ears or feet licked. Discuss with her the things she likes and what gets her engine going. You can tell the difference between a real and fake orgasm because during a real orgasm a woman's body will vibrate. If she has light or pale skin, you will see her face and neck turn reddish due to increased blood flow. Some women are vocal while others have quiet orgasms.

When a man orgasms, he will notice that the head of his penis will grow larger. It may also turn purplish in color. Just before a man fully ejaculates, his Cowper's gland will release a bit of fluid called precum, which will begin to flow from his uretha. His testicles will also swell in size. His heart rate and blood flow will increase and he will then pass the point of no return in which he will ejaculate. The amount of fluid he emits will depend on many factors, particularly the amount of time which has passed since his last ejaculation. After ejaculating men enter a refractory period where they are unable to orgasm again for an average of 30 minutes. For older men this refractory period will be longer and for younger men it will be shorter.