Spanking – Learning the Basics of a Simple Kink
Spanking is one of the simplest kinks you could actually try out with your hot companion. You might meet a beautiful Amsterdam VIP escort and immediately share the kink of getting spanked In fact, you would most likely be in an instant state of excitement when you meet someone that shares this kink.
However, you have to be very careful with spanking simply because not every shares this kink – even escorts. There are things that you have to remember when you’re planning to use this with your companion for the night or your partner.
Starting Slow and Aiming Low
It always starts with a slow spank. The thrill of getting spank doesn’t come immediately to your partner and she might be a bit hesitant at first. If she explicitly says she doesn’t want it, you have to stop and respect her for that decision. After all, there are other things you can enjoy with your hot escort.
If she, on the other hand is enjoying the idea, start slow and aim low. You could gradually increase the spanking but you never go higher than the fleshiest part of the butt. The low you could go, the better.
Do It to Enjoy, Not to Punish

One of the biggest misconceptions about spanking is that it’s used to punish when done during sexual congress. Spanking is done by people who love this simple BDSM kink. This is not an act of aggression but a sexual act that complements the erotic experience. If your partner for the night shares this kink, you should explore this experience to have more fun.