Prolong Your Prowess and Enjoy Your Encounter Longer
Premature ejaculation: it happens. But that doesn’t mean you are out of the game once you experienced it. In fact, many people are experiencing this physical problem from time to time. Your fun time with a Amsterdam luxury escort can easily end on a bad note when this happens. Of course, an experienced lady is all too familiar with this situation and understands. But you don’t have to let her endure this awkward scenario. You could actually ensure that you can prolong the sexual encounter to make sure everybody has a happy ending.
The Lesbian Mind
One of the many reasons why it’s very interesting to watch girl-on-girl is the fact that they really explore each other’s body. Use that and you know you will have a great time with your hot companion from the Netherlands. Explore her body and never jump to your preferred sexual position immediately. Remember that you are there to have fun for at least a few hours which means you don’t need to hurry. Take your time and explore her body. Exploring her body with your lips, hands and fingers not only stimulates her but also prepares your body for the fun encounter.
Get Into the Rhythm

You should know your body and how it reacts to sexual positions which mean you know which positions will make you reach orgasm faster than others. But you actually have to know your rhythm so that you can control your body and pace yourself. You could prolong your sexual encounter through rhythm where you don’t get excited too fast and enjoy your time with your escort.