Pounding Your Way to a Fun Encounter
The current perception about sex is “the longer, the better” which is probably why pounding to reach climax is not seen in a good light. When you just pound your way on a hotel escort Amsterdam, even on multiple positions you could end up getting an orgasm sooner than expected. Sometimes pounding with a provider is seen as a bad idea because you only end up with a couple of minutes instead of hours.
Maximum Pounding Experience
Pounding isn’t really a bad experience especially for men because they can reach orgasm faster. But that doesn’t mean the experience is bad for their partners. There are hot escorts who just loves a good pounding and the can also reach orgasm fast. You could even reach climax at the same time.
The key to a great pounding with your hot companion is rhythm. While on the deed, observe your hot escorts rhythm because it will suggest if she is already reaching her climax. Going with her rhythm gives you the chance to enjoy the deed while giving her the satisfaction and massive orgasm in the end.
Communication is the Key

Of course, getting her rhythm can be a little bit challenging when you just met her couple of hours ago. But that doesn’t mean you will not learn anything about her. Talking to your companion is very important to determine what she wants. By talking, your pounding doesn’t just go unnoticed but assisted by your hot companion. Getting an orgasm at the same time is never impossible with communication.