How to Satisfy Your Amsterdam Elite Escort
Physical intimacy is always on the mind of men who want to get closer to hot escorts from the Netherlands. Ask any hobbyist who often looks for Amsterdam elite escorts and they will immediately tell you that their hot companion will immediately push them to have some fun in bed. It should be expected given that many companions would want to get it done quickly with their patrons. However, it’s always better that you make a very good impression with your companion. Your next visit will surely be a lot better once you’ve had a memorable experience with them.
The Three Clits (Clitorii)
If you want to ensure that your hot companion will never, ever forget your sexual encounter, you have to deal with the three clitorii: the physical, the emotional and intellectual. Of course, you and I are already familiar with the physical part but we often leave the emotional and intellectual clitorii. You could still leave your companion exhausted and satisfied with the physical part but you have to deal with her heart (emotional) and brains
(intellectual) so that you could give her the full experience.

Basically, it all boils down to this – you have to be a gentleman from start to finish. It doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover because you have to given way to your companion for the night. You just have to make sure she enjoys your companionship beyond what you could offer her in bed.