Going Blind – Blindfolding for a Fun Night
Ask any mature escort Holland about going blindfold during sex and she will tell you of her fun sexual exploits with this very simple act. Using a blindfold with escorts can become a very memorable experience when done right. It doesn’t even require a BDSM personality to explore this type of sexual encounter.
Establishing Trust
The most challenging part of going blindfold with your hot companion for the night is what happens before the blindfold – establishing trust. Completely blind, she will be unaware of the things that happen around her and let’s face it: she is going out with a stranger so it’s not surprising that trust could be an issue.
Getting her to trust you requires ensuring her security. There should be a safe word and she should be able to remove the blindfold when she wants to. You don’t want your night of fun and pleasure to end up with screaming and crying because she wants out.
A Slow, Erotic Encounter

Once blindfolded, you could slowly introduce yourself to her sexually. You slowly explore the different parts of her body from the lips right down to her feet. Always make her anticipate and crave for more until she can’t control it and ravishes you because she is very aroused. She may remove her blind fold but you really won’t care anymore – she loves what you have done to her and she is willing to repay your erotic gesture with something memorable. Your blindfold idea can become a gateway to an erotic night that she will never forget.