Getting on Top Amsterdam Escorts
Sexual encounters with a hot escort from Amsterdam doesn’t require the performance of a pornstar. More often than not, the girls from these escort agencies are simply looking for someone who could satisfy them and give them a great time. Given their experience, they already know how to ensure they reach climax. Learn how to let them lead and you will also have a tremendous time for a couple of hours or longer.
Going on Top
Men controlling the sexual encounter (missionary, wheelbarrow, etc.) will require power. However, if you find yourself in a position where you think you’ll end up getting an orgasm faster than expected, you could always switch positions. Girls who know how to please themselves definitely knows how to handle being on top.
There are many advantages you'll gain when your hot companion is on top. Among them is minimal effort required. You simply have to lie on your back and let your companion control the scene. Another advantage is the view – when you lie on your back and watch your hot companion work you is one of the best scenes you’ll have while enjoying your time with her.
Getting the Best from the Position

The best way to ensure your companion gets the best from being on top is to allow her to tilt backwards. She doesn’t have to lie her back against you, she just has to bend backwards a little bit which will allow her to easily reach her most sensitive part (read: clitoris). Guide her as she bends over backwards. In the end, you might find yourself sitting down while holding her enjoying the position. Get her on top and reap the rewards with very minimal effort.