Get Her Hot with Your Words
There are many, many ways to please your hot companion. Check out Amsterdam agency escorts and you’ll find companions that are willing to go beyond the casual physical interaction. For instance, they are not just looking for someone who can please them sexually, they are also looking for someone that will peak her interest in other things. Simply put: you don’t just use your body to please a girl. You could also use your words to get her hot and ready for the physical encounter.
Pleasing Words to Encourage Her
There are those who say words mean nothing during your sexual congress. But a pleasing word or two could actually go a very, very long way. Your hot companion is not just there to do what is asked of her – she is also there to have some fun with you. It would be very awkward if she just enters your room without saying anything and just does the need.

Complement your hot companion; make her feel like a beautiful lady who has granted someone a rare opportunity to be with her. Of course, you really don’t have to sound poetic about it. Being subtle gives you an aura that you really appreciate her presence without sounding forced to tell her she’s hot. During your sexual encounter, complement the parts of her body that you are working on as well as the things she does to you at the moment. It’s encouraging and she will definitely enjoy the encounter because you are there to complement her all the time.