Doing the Froggie with Your Hot Companion
Sexual positions always spice up your encounter with beautiful Amsterdam outcall escorts. Going for missionary, cowgirl and doggie is good but if you’re going out with a hot lady who has seen and experienced a lot of things, you have to do more than that. Fortunately, our bodies have a way of adjusting and there is one sexual position that you could try with your companion with very little effort that doesn’t require much practice: the Froggie.
Froggie: Modified Doggie

The Froggie is basically a modified doggie with some modifications. This position is best done on the floor for maximum balance. A soft bed is also fine but it could be a bit troublesome because of the balancing act required for your hot companion.The major difference between the doggie and the Froggie is the squatting position of the girl. Your companion will squat like a frog (hence the name) as if she is about to jump. You, on the other hand, adjust by kneeling so that you could easily penetrate her from behind. The weight pressure will be applied to her feet. The balance we just talked about is very important for her so she will need some support. You could do that by holding her butt cheeks or even grabbing her arms. Doggie can make her move better because she is on all fours but Froggie requires some power on the feet. The best way to enjoy this position is to adjust to her stance so that you could deeply penetrate her from behind.