Advanced Anal Sex With High Class Dutch Escorts
In our previous article, we went over the basics of getting great anal sex. She needs to eat right (lots of fiber), drink plenty of water, and exercise. An enema before anal sex is not mandatory, but will ensure cleanliness which ensures great Greek (Greek is another more polite term for anal). Now that you've penetrated her anus with your finger, and she is responding positively, its time to take things to the next level. Unlike the vagina, putting a penis sized object in the anus too quickly can cause pain, which will make her not want to do it again.
With anal sex, you want to do things gradually. Now that she is comfortable with your fingers, move up to a small dildo or butt plug. This dildo or butt plug should be bigger than your finger, but smaller than your cock. Ask her to relax as you use the toy to slowly penetrate her anus. If she is new to anal sex, you definitely want to use lube, but women who are experienced will sometimes not need it. However, lube is always best, and it should be applied onto the object that will be inserted, rather than the anus itself.

Once she is comfortable and loose from being penetrated by the sex toy, you will next want to transition to the penis. This can be tricky. The anal opening is tighter than the vagina and you must have a firm erection to penetrate it. If you are not using a condom (this is only recommended if the two of you have been tested), getting erect and penetrating the anus should be easy, as there is no condom to reduce the sensation. With a condom things can be more complicated, but you can have her sit on your lap (cow girl), and give you a lap dance, grinding her ass on your condom covered penis until you are erect, and then she can insert your cock into her ass by sitting down on it. This position is the best for beginners because she can get it in faster and she controls the degree of penetration. Another great position for anal is missionary, where again, she can easily penetrate herself using your penis.